Car Rental At Larnaca Airport

Why you’ll want to rent with Sofronis

Whether you’re traveling to the city of Larnaca for business or for pleasure, it goes without saying that you deserve certain exceptional services and treatments. Sofronis Car Rentals believes in meeting your expectations. Sofronis knows how to meet your expectations with every car rental at Larnaca airport.

car rental larnaca airport

Upon arrival at the Larnaca airport, travelers will discover themselves pleasantly surprised by our personal meet and greet service, welcoming you to your destination. If you’re on holiday we know you want to get going! If you’re on business, we understand the need to get things done. For this reason, we provide our cars directly at the airport. No need to waste time shuttling over to a separate carport to pick up your vehicle.

We also have been in the industry long enough to know what our customers need, and we understand that this doesn’t always come at the most convenient times. Our services include 24-hour support for renters, because you simply never know, and we simply want to be there to help.

Whether your desire is for something corporate aesthetic or a leisure vehicle, we believe clarity helps the customer as well as us. We ensure that our prices are all inclusive and we won’t throw you any curveball charges or hidden fees down the road. With a wide selection of cars to rent and unlimited mileage on those cars, Sofronis Car Rentals is confident you’ll find just what you need here with us.

About Larnaca Airport

Larnaca International Airport is located less than three miles from Larnaca, Cyprus in the Mediterranean. Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, making it an ideal tourist destination for those seeking an island getaway.

The airport prides itself on being the main international airport on the island of Cyprus, being an international hub of travel for those heading out on an island escape and those traveling for business and luxury. It serves as a hub between Europe, Africa, Russia, and the Middle East, though it also serves as a domestic hub as well.

Serving an area of rich history, Larnaca International Airport remains close to the center of the city and provides easy transportation to and from all the island has to offer.